Centaur news

9 October 2003

New version 1.23.00005 available on-line.
See version.txt for details.

19 September 2003

Latest beta uploaded.
Improved dual server functions.
Fixed recursion problems.
Fixed default panel routines.

26 June 2003

Added import functions for groups, users and contacts.
Misc bug fixes.
Improved debugging functions.

4 June 2003

Fixed defers with a/c fail and low battery.
Changed time sync to allow for midnight rollover.

26 May 2003

Improved performance and new history linking logic.
Reduce network traffic.
Added new panel types and account types.

4 April 2003

Fixed printing routines in all mode and notes layout.
Added option of appending or overwriting printer output.
Stop timesync during midnight rollover.

21 March 2003

Version 1.18
Changed time sync logic
Updated logic for auto-deferral with IrFast.
Change defer buffer to NOT create duplicate entries.

14 March 2003

Version 1.17 upload.
Changed time sync routines to run only once per hour.
Fixed missing 'HELP' module code.

7 March 2003

Version 1.16 uploaded.
 Check 'master' time sync options (again) all the code
is correct and the file is created when tested.
Changed a/c fail to low battery must completed.
Fixed bug in SMS paging routines to detect disconnect
Added support for auto deferred sectors (1-2) hours.
Added AckKey routine to guard reports.
Added options for 'Automation' alarm only mode.
Fixed logic error in trapping open/closing on sector
open/close events from contact id.
Fixed bug with fatal error #6 on guard report number


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