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Central station monitoring software

    Designed for the small to medium sized central station. It supports all the standard monitoring functions and requirements see features for a detailed list.

The software is available for free for the first 100 (0-99) accounts after this other accounts will be renumbered to '0000DEMO' but no other functions have been disabled. With the free version there is no free support provided if you however require support it is available at an additional cost

    Centaur has/is been developed over the last couple and years and is still under going further development, due to it development nature the system has many and varied features most of which are controlled by a single file ('centaur.ini') some or most features are most likely not being used in any given installation but give the program some flexibility in dealing with the different requirement of you the customer.

    Currently centaur is being upgraded in have support for dual fileserver writing to allow for real time backups and in future a windows version is also planned. DOS support will always be provided in any give version



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